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2019, Vol. 34, No. 1

Table of Contents


The Role of Fulbright Program in Building Positive Perception and Ally Image of the U.S. Among Pakistani Scholars PDF
Gulnaz Anjum, Mudassar Aziz, Emanuele Castano
Role of Different School Systems in Cognitive Abilities and Academic Achievement of Adolescents PDF
Sidra Iqbal, Mah Nazir Riaz
Non Emergency Calls-Depression Coupling in Call Handlers of Rescue 1122 Punjab, Pakistan PDF
Syed Kamal Abid, Mujahid Hussain, Muhammad Raza, Rizwan -ul-Haq, Rizwan Naseer, Mohsin Durrani, Saqib Ali, Abdul Mannan, Shaukat Ali Sajid, Asad Ejaz
Body Dissatisfaction, Perfectionism, and Media Exposure Among Adolescents PDF
Asma Nigar, Irum Naqvi
Gender Stereotype News in Context of the Ethnicity: Scale Development and Validation PDF
Syed Hassan Raza, Lubna Zaheer, Moneeba Iftikhar
Autonomy in University Students: Predictive Role of Problem Focused Coping PDF
Noshi Iram Zaman, Uzma Ali
Empirical Evidence of Multi-Facets of Delinquency in Pakistan: Revised Self-Reported Delinquency Scale PDF
Nimrah Ishfaq, Anila Kamal
Moderating Role of Thought Suppression Between Work Centrality, Life Role Salience and Dyadic Adjustment in Emergency Service Providers PDF
Shazza Shazdey Raheem, Rafia Rafique
Intimate Partner Violence and its Association With Contraceptive Use Among Women in Pakistan PDF
Kashif Siddique, Rubeena Zakar, Ra’ana Malik, Naveeda Farhat, Farah Deeba
Personality, Romantic Attitude, and Happiness in Young Adults PDF
Sana Saghir, Naumana Amjad, Amir Saeed, Saira Batool
Effect of Facebook Use Intensity Upon Marital Satisfaction Among Pakistani Married Facebook Users: A Model Testing PDF
Fizza Iqbal, Humaira Jami
Moderating Role of Learning Strategies Between Meta-Cognitive Awareness and Study Habits Among University Students PDF
Mussarat J. Khan, Seemab Rasheed

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