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Summer 2018, Vol. 33, No. 2 (Special Issue)

Table of Contents


Role of Metaworry and Emotional Coping Across Metacognitive Beliefs and Well-Being: A Gender Perspective PDF
Aisha Muneer, Jamil A. Malik
Knowledge/Awareness and Practices Related to Menstruation Among Female Students: Role of Mother-Daughter Relationship PDF
Gulrukh Rana, Humaira Jami
Thinking Styles and Belief in Superstitions: Moderating Role of Gender in Young Adults PDF
Aisha Maqsood, Farhat Jamil, Ruhi Khalid
Effect of Role Ambiguity and Role Conflict in Predicting Work-Family Conflict Among Teachers PDF
Faiqa Sana, Naeem Aslam
Exploring Common Perceptions of Educated Youth About 'Punjab Protection of Women Against Violence Act 2016' - Gender Based Narratives in Focus PDF
Muhammad Saleem, Muhammad Adeeb, Maria Khan, Muhammad W. Tufail, Maham Zaffar
Effect of Advertisements on Body Image and Materialism Among Adolescents: A Gender Perspective PDF ()
Mariam Faridoon, Nazia Iqbal
Sexuality Education in Girls With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Role of Mothers PDF
Sana Akhtar
Negative Life Events and Mental Health Among Old Age People: Moderating Role of Social Support PDF
Khizra Iqbal, Rizwana Amin
Role of Workaholism and Self-Concept in Predicting Impostor Feelings Among Employees PDF
Irum Mir, Anila Kamal
Attitude of Male and Female University Students Towards Gender Discrimination PDF
Mussarat J. Khan, Kehkashan Arooj, Hafsah Arif, Noreen Nazir, Mehwash Nosheen
Moderating Role of Pregnancy Between Coping Strategies and Positive and Negative Affect PDF
Khowla Farooq, Muhammad Aqeel, Sunita Peters, Tanvir Akhtar
The Relationship of Gender Role Attitudes With Career Aspirations and Career Choices Among Young Adults PDF
Fatima Nadeem, Ruhi Khalid
Relationship between Emotional Autonomy and Behaviour Problems Among Adolescents: Moderating Impact of Gender PDF
Sadia Ahmad, Atiqa Rafeh, Masooma Rafique
The Gendered Nature of Workplace Bullying in the Context of Higher Education PDF
Ambreen Anjum, Amina Muazzam
Psychological Problems and its Association to Other Symptoms in Menopausal Transition PDF
Muhammad Aqeel, Khaula B. Arbab, Tanvir Akhtar
Perceived Organizational Justice and Workplace Reactivity Among Telecommunication Employees: Gender as Moderator PDF
Shafaq Hashmi, Shaista Waqar
Intimate Partner Violence and Psychological Distress: Mediating Role of Stockholm Syndrome PDF
Amna Ahmad, Mudassar Aziz, Gulnaz Anjum, Farah V. Mir
Sexual Harassment and Coping Strategies Used by Female Domestic Workers PDF
Izzah Gilani, Shaista Waqar
Interpersonal Relationships, Psychological Effects, and Coping Strategies Among Acid Burn Female Victims PDF
Arooj Mujeeb, Anila Kamal
Attitude Towards Menstruation, Social Adjustment, and Mood States During Menstruation Among Young Women PDF
Afsheen Anjum, Humaira Jami
Gender Differences in Character Strengths, Social Competence, and Peer Relations Among Pakistani and Russian University Students PDF
Aisha Zubair, Anila Kamal, Veronika Artemeva

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