A Comparative Study of Occupational Stress Among Executives, Managers, and Engineers

Lancy D’Souza, Gururaj B. Urs, Siddeqowda Y. S.


The study aimed at comparing the occupational stress level as experienced by executives, managers, and engineers. The sample consisted of 135 respondents who were white collared employees (69 executives, 42 managers, and 24 engineers) exclusively different from blue and green collared employees, who responded on the Occupational Stress Index (Shrivastava and Singh, 1984). The results revealed that executives have highest role overload and strenuous working conditions. Engineers are said to possess the highest scores in role ambiguity, role conflict, unreasonable group and political pressure, under participation, and powerlessness; lowest scores in low status and overall highest occupational stress. Managers have least strenuous working conditions, as compared to executives and engineers. Strategies for coping with stress have been discussed.

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