Relationship between Perceived Parenting Styles and Levels of Depression, Anxiety, and Frustration Tolerance in Female Students

Tazvin Ijaz, Zahid Mahmood


This study investigates the relationship between perceived parenting styles and presence of Depression, Anxiety, and Level of Frustration Tolerance (LFT) in female students, “Perceived Parenting Style” Scale was developed and administered on 232 female students along with three scales (Depression, Anxiety and LFT) of Symptom Checklist-R (Rahman, Jagir, Dawood, Mansoor, and Rehman, 2000). Results showed a weak positive relationship between parental authoritarianism and Depression and Anxiety but a strong relationship with LFT. In addition to maternal authoritarianism, mothers were also perceived as “controlling” and this “control” was found to have no relationship with Depression, Anxiety and LFT. Moreover, results indicate a moderately significant relationship between paternal permissiveness and depression, anxiety and LFT. No such relationship was found in case of maternal permissiveness. These findings are discussed with reference to cultural differences in perception of parenting styles.

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