The Process of Commitment, Escalation, and Incentive Yields Energy Conservation

Hamid Gorgani, Aboulghassem Nouri, Hossein Molavi


The study examined the effect of the process of commitment, escalation of behaviour, and incentive on the energy conservation behaviour; including the role of informational feedback in this process. Pretest-posttest, control group design was utilised. Experimental Group 1 was persuaded to make a commitment by signing a form to conserve their electric energy consumption in a successively 3-stage process and to reduce their electric consumption respectively by 5, 10, and 15 per cents. For Experimental Group 2, the process was same except for the informational feedback given to the participants in each stage for their conservational behavior in the previous stage. Experimental groups reduced their electric consumption significantly more than control group. Feedback had nonsignificant effect on the conservational behavior in this process.

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