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2019, Vol. 34, No. 2

Table of Contents


Effect of Ego Depletion and Expectancy Beliefs on Working Memory, Problem Solving, Task Persistence, and Performance PDF
Adnan Adil, Asmara Kanwal, Saba Ghayas, Anam Khan
Reliability and Validity Estimation of Urdu Version of Organizational Commitment Questionnaire-Revised PDF
Qasir Abbas, Sarwat Jahan Khanam, Riaz Ahmad
Parenting Styles and Family Demographic Factors as Predictors of Abusive Parenting Among Adolescents PDF
Syeda Fariha Iram Rizvi, Najma Najam
Hardiness as a Moderator in the Relationship Between Emotional Autonomy and Depression Among Adolescents PDF
Rupan Dhillon, Nishtha Mehra
Self-Silencing and Marital Adjustment in Women With and Without Depression PDF
Fakhra Ahmed, Hidna Iqbal
Exploring the Benefits of Social Media Towards Knowledge Sharing Among Doctors PDF
Muhammad Kashif Imran, Tehreem Fatima, Usman Aslam, Syed Muhammad Javed Iqbal
Relationship Between Teachers’ Stress and Job Satisfaction: Moderating Role of Teachers’ Emotions PDF
Haleema Parveen, Maher Bano
Relationship of Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Production Deviance: Role of Perceived Organizational Politics PDF
Irsa Fatima Makhdoom, Mohsin Atta, Najma Iqbal Malik
Predictive Role of Personality Characteristics in Positive Emotions and Creativity: A Study of Pakistani Nuns PDF
Farzana Ashraf, Aasia Nusrat, Dania Mehboob
Role of Core Self Evaluation and Acquired Motivations in Employee Task Performance PDF
Syeda Shabana Kirmani, Saman Attiq, Haroon Bakari, Mahreen Irfan
Parental Rejection, Depression, and Internet Addiction Among Young Adults PDF
Momtaz Sultana, Muhammad Kamal Uddin
Development of an Indigenous Parental Perceived Stress Scale for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder PDF
Noreena Kausar, Bushra Akram, Saima Dawood, Fayyaz Ahmad

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