2019, Vol. 34, No. 4

Table of Contents


Protective Factors for Subjective Well-being in Mothers of Children with Down Syndrome (https://doi.org/10.33824/PJPR.2019.34.4.36) PDF
Iram Fatima, Kausar Suhail
Leadership in Academia of Pakistan: Perception of Crisis Situation and Solutions (https://doi.org/10.33824/PJPR.2019.34.4.37) PDF
Shehla A. Yasin, Syeda Shahida Batool, Muhammad Asir Ajmal
The Phenomenological Understanding of Piri-Muridi in Pakistan (https://doi.org/10.33824/PJPR.2019.34.4.38) PDF
Asim S. Bhatti, Anila Kamal
Development of an Indigenous Perceived Favouritism Scale for University Students (https://doi.org/10.33824/PJPR.2019.34.4.39) PDF
Saba Ehsaan, Mahwesh Arooj Naz
Exploring Perception of Chronic Hepatitis C: An Idiographic Case Study (https://doi.org/10.33824/PJPR.2019.34.4.40) PDF
Hana Arshad, Subha Malik
Moderating Role of Stress, Anxiety, and Depression in the Relationship Between Tinnitus and Hearing Loss Among Patients (https://doi.org/10.33824/PJPR.2019.34.4.41) PDF
Ammar Ahmed, Muhammad Aqeel, Tanvir Akhtar, Sammeen Salim, Bashir Ahmed
Work-Family Spillover and Family Functioning in Married Working Women (https://doi.org/10.33824/PJPR.2019.34.4.42) PDF
Faiza Safdar
Exploring Modes, Strategies, and Psychosocial Consequences of Cyberbullying Perpetration and Victimization Among University Students (https://doi.org/10.33824/PJPR.2019.34.4.43) PDF
Hira Kanwal, Humaira Jami
Development and Validation of Psychological Skills Scale for Hockey Players and Cricketers (https://doi.org/10.33824/PJPR.2019.34.4.44) PDF
Vicar Solomon, Farah Malik, Rukhsana Kausar
Peer Victimization, School Connectedness, and Mental Well-Being among Adolescents (https://doi.org/10.33824/PJPR.2019.34.4.45) PDF
Sadaf Arif, Saira Khan, Nelofur K. Rauf, Rayna Sadia
DC-MMS: Diagnostic Checklist of Major Depression, Mania and Schizophrenia (https://doi.org/10.33824/PJPR.2019.34.4.46) PDF
Nazia Nawaz, Syeda Farhana Jahangir, Nighat Shaheen
Understanding Perception of Weight Stigma: Development and Validation of Perceived Weight Stigmatization Scale (https://doi.org/10.33824/PJPR.2019.34.4.47) PDF
Atiqa Rafeh, Rubina Hanif
Role of Perceived Self-efficacy and Spousal Support in Psychological Well-being of Female Entrepreneurs (https://doi.org/10.33824/PJPR.2019.34.4.48) PDF
Iqra Rasool, Aisha Zubair, Mubeen Anwar
Influence of Organizational Justice, Supervisor Support, and Group Cohesiveness on Organizational Commitment: Mediated Role of Ethical Behavior (https://doi.org/10.33824/PJPR.2019.34.4.49) PDF
Rabia Mushtaq, Abida Ellahi, Muhammad Bashir Khan

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