Gender Stereotype News in Context of the Ethnicity: Scale Development and Validation


  • Syed Hassan Raza Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan
  • Lubna Zaheer University of the Punjab
  • Moneeba Iftikhar Lahore College for Women University


The ongoing development of gender stereotype news research calls for developing an instrument to tap into the ethnicity context. This study analyzes the gender stereotype news in the context of the ethnicity to develop and validate the scale. The deductive method of item generation has been employed in the study. In total three studies were conducted. The first study is based on the 12 experts’ ratings of the items for the content and constructs validity. A survey of (N = 227) was conducted in January to February 2017 for the second study for the scale construction and inter-item consistency, reliability and factor analysis were analyzed. For the third study, a survey of (N = 222) was conducted for the scale validation and convergent and criterion-related validity were analyzed. Based on the findings of experts all 14 items were retained, however, one item was deleted in the result of the factor analysis. To analyze convergent validity, we used the accurate depiction of facts (AF) as a predictor of gender stereotype news. While the one possible outcome of media believability (MB), was used to measure criterion-related validity. The findings suggest proposing the final 13-item scale of the gender stereotype news in the context of ethnicity (GSN).