Autonomy in University Students: Predictive Role of Problem Focused Coping


  • Noshi Iram Zaman Bahria University
  • Uzma Ali University of Karachi, Sindh


The objective of this study was to investigate the predictive role of problem focused coping with autonomy (Sub domain of psychological well-being) among university student of Karachi, Pakistan. The entire sample consisting of 105 students (51 males and 55 females) was selected from university of Karachi, Pakistan. Their age range was 19-35 years (mean age = 24.85; SD =.489). Autonomy (sub domain of Psychological Well-Being Scale-Urdu version; Ansari, 2010), Self-developed Coping Styles Scale-Urdu version (Zaman, 2015) along with demographic information form was administered. It was found that use of problem focused strategies predicts autonomy among university students. Data was analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics to address the research objectives. Results indicate that problem focused coping predicts autonomy among university students. Implications of results have been discussed.